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Lure Coursing Forms & Rules

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Lure Coursing-Specific Forms

Lure Coursing Events

Lure Coursing Report (PDF)

Coursing Aptitude & Coursing Test (PDF)

Regular Stakes Record Sheet (PDF)

Meet Record Sheet (PDF)

Judges Sheet (PDF)

Lure Coursing Match Events

Coursing Aptitude & Coursing Test Match (PDF)

Match Record Sheet (PDF)

UKC Show Operations Forms

Exhibitor Entry Forms

Conformation Entry Form (PDF)

Performance Entry Form (PDF)

Nosework Entry (PDF)

Judge Applications

Application (PDF)

Nosework Officials Application (PDF)

SPOT Evaluator Application (PDF)

Approval for Regular/Senior Status (PDF)

New Clubs

New Club Application (PDF)

UKC Club Bylaws (PDF)

Club Membership List (PDF)

Club Event Planning

Event Weekend-Number Date Table (PDF)

Event Paperwork Order Form (PDF)

Licensed Event Scheduling Request (PDF)

Non-Licensed Match Application (PDF)

Club Miscellaneous

Club Officers Change Form (PDF)

Sample Judge's Contract (PDF)

Club Event Paperwork

Required Forms For All UKC Licensed Events (PDF)

Non-Licensed Total Dog Report (PDF)

Non-Licensed Total Junior Report (PDF)

Disqualified for Attacking (PDF)

Misconduct Complaint Form (PDF)

Misconduct Hearing Procedure Form (PDF)

Class or Entry Correction (PDF)

Event Fees Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)

Performance Event Junior Participation (PDF)

Lure Coursing Rules

Download the UKC Lure Coursing Rulebook (PDF).

Purchase a printed copy of the UKC Lure Coursing Rulebook.

UKC Lure Coursing Rulebook