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UKC Judges

Judging UKC Events

Required qualifications for ALL UKC Licensed Judges.

  1. Age. All applicants must be twenty-one years of age or over
  2. Mobility. Have full mobility to move around the area where the activity (event) is being conducted
  3. Good Standing. Judge and Judge applicant must be in good standing with UKC
  4. Rules and procedures. Be familiar with UKC rules and procedures applicable to the activity for which the Judge is licensed or applicant is seeking to be licensed.

UKC Judges are expected to know and abide by the rules that govern the activities for which they officiate. No person may judge a UKC licensed event unless that person holds a current UKC Judge’s license for the type of activity (event) and breed/class being judged and is in good standing with UKC.

For judging requirements for all UKC Events, see the UKC Judge's Handbook.

Judge-Specific Forms

Judge Applications

Application (PDF)

Nosework Officials Application (PDF)

SPOT Evaluator Application (PDF)

Approval for Regular/Senior Status (PDF)

Judge's Handbook

Download the UKC Judge's Handbook (PDF)