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Coonhound Forms & Rules

Coonhound-Specific Forms


Coonhound Scorecard (PDF)

Coonhound Master of Hounds Checklist & Telemetry Rules (PDF)

Coonhound Registration

Coonhound Single Registration Application (PDF)

Coonhound Litter Registration Application

Breed Transfer for Xbred Coonhounds (PDF)


Hunt Test Evaluation Form & Rules (PDF)

Hunt Test Report Form (PDF)

Hunt Test Policies

Hunt Test Pass Receipt (PDF)

UKC Field Operations Forms

Events Forms

Bench Show Entry Form (PDF)

Bench Show Entry Worksheet (PDF)

Points Record (PDF)

Appeal Form (PDF)

Panel Meeting Results (PDF)

UKC Field Operations Club Forms

Club Update Forms

Club Officer Update Form (PDF)

Event Fee Worksheet (PDF)

New Club Forms

New Club Application (PDF)

Requirements & Tips For A Successful Club (PDF)

Constitution and By-Laws (PDF)

Misconduct Forms

Misconduct & Discipline Explanation (PDF)

Misconduct & Complaint Complaint Form (PDF)

Coonhound Rules

Download the UKC Coonhound Rulebook (PDF).

Purchase a printed copy of the UKC Coonhound Rulebook.

Coonhound Rulebook