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Conformation is a competitive event open to purebred dogs, designed to evaluate a dog’s external appearance and structure as it compares to a breed standard. The breed standards describe the ideal qualities measurable through movement, appearance, and temperament of each breed. UKC offers not only regular Conformation but also offers classes which are open to “altered” purebred dogs allowing exhibitors and breeders to showcase their canine companions. Conformation is unique from other registries as we do not allow the use of professional handlers creating a venue in which the owner-handler can excel.

Conformation is a great gateway to the other UKC events and is an important part of UKC’s Total Dog award. Total Dog is an award given to dogs that not only look good in the Conformation ring, but can also excel in UKC’s Performance Events (Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Hunting Events, etc.). UKC strongly believes that the Total Dog philosophy is a great test of canine ability and strengthens the bonds between dogs and their owners.